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Organic Weight Loss Tea
10 Aug 2016

Organic Weight Loss Tea

Body Bites Organic Weight Loss Tea is the most effective and broad spectrum weight loss tea on the market.

Body Bites Organic Weight Loss Tea expels toxins from your digestive system, hydrates your digestive system while also acting as a diuretic. Our weight loss blend assists with craving suppression and dissolving fat particles throughout your body. Order today and start feeling the benefits of a slimmer waste line and step in to tomorrow with a lighter outlook on life.

Accompany our Organic Weight Loss Tea with a healthy diet, either with a healthy balance or an exclusion diet, whichever works best for you. Additionally add some exercise, anything more than what you currently do, however work up to a handful of hours each week with low and high intensity for optimal results.

Weight Loss Tea –

  • Reduces Bloating
  • Alleviate Edema
  • Reduces Fluid Retention
  • Supports the urinary tract
  • Boost your Immune system
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Potent Anti-oxidant content
  • Increase Thermogenesis
  • Loose weight and maintain muscle
  • Mild detox formula

Serving Suggestion

Brew your Body Bites Weight Loss Blend as a hot beverage or alternatively once brewed in boiling water, leave it in the fridge for a refreshing ice tea during the warmer months.

Pack Size: 120g

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