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Organic Pu’erh Tea
13 Nov 2018

Organic Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh Tea (Pu-er Tea) is a fermented tea produced in Yunnan province of China. The process to produce this exclusive taste and health benefits involves microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves after they have been dried. This is a Specialised Chinese process to produce Heicha or dark tea (Black Tea). It is like no other Black tea (nothing like English Black Tea) on the market, Pu’erh Tea is the highest grade of Chinese Dark Tea available. It absorbs in to the body and assists with Inflammation, Digestion, Hydration, Supress’ fat production and mild energy support. The tea leaves contain body energy balancing constituents, and wonderful addition to any tea collection, and one your taste buds and body will thank you for.

Body Bites Pu’erh Tea is pure and non-adulterated. With a smooth taste and no bitter aftertaste like English Black Teas, Pu’erh Tea is for the tea connoisseur. Not only is the taste refreshing, your body will crave it once it feels the benefits of this ancient tea leaves. As an ingredient in some of our Blends, it forms a pivotal part of our products great benefits. try it out today.

As with all of our Tea’s, the purity is pivitol to our premium tea products. Our Triple AAA Graded Pu’erh Tea brings only the best to your taste buds and body. If consuming upon waking or prior to some mediation or yoga, our tea will bring balance to your day. Try it and share with friends, your will love every sip of our beautiful tea for any time of the day and every season of the year.

For more information on Pu’erh tea click here or visit wikipedia


  • Multiple organ support
  • Fat Suppression
  • Cholesterol Management
  • Weight Management
  • Increased Energy
  • Digestive Support
  • Cellular Hydration

Serving Suggestion

Any time of the day, with a smile.
Brew your Organic Pu’erh Tea as a hot beverage or alternatively once brewed in boiling water, leave it in the fridge for a refreshing ice tea during the warmer months.

Pack Size: 200gm


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