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CelLED iLED Practitioners Belt

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CelLED iLED Belt – The Clinicians choice for PBMt over a large surface area

Our premium product, the CelLED iLED Belt emits both red light and near-infrared wave frequencies over a broad surface using highest-quality German made OSRAM LED chips, which are nestled comfortably in the medical-grade silicon pad to be worn directly against the skin for maximum therapeutic benefit. This technology, known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMt), penetrates healing light waves deep into the body to stimulate cell mitochondria, activating ATP production and accelerating metabolism and healthy cell regeneration. The health practitioner’s choice for clinical and at-home-use for effective PBMt over a large surface area.

Now with Multi-Pulse!

Five user selectable pulsing frequencies at 1168Hz, 584Hz, 292Hz, 40Hz and 10Hz

       All CelLED iLED Belt are:

  • FDA/TGA/EU Compliant Class IIa medical device
  • Made in Korea to the highest industry standards
  • Strong light emission for the deepest penetration – 15mW/cm2, 60mW spot irradiance
  • 108 Red 660nm LED’s and 90 Near Infrared (NIR) 840nm LED
  • Safe, non-evasive, chemical-free natural healing and rejuvenation
  • Effective pain & inflammation reduction of deep muscle structures, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and organs
  • Starts working at a cellular level in under 5 minutes
  • Specialised focused LED lens package provides 15º focused viewing angle
  • Cosmetic use – wounds, cuts, scars, skin conditions and eye health
  • Generates healthy cell activity and replication, stimulating healing
  • Portable – use in the office, in bed, relaxing on the couch or travelling
  • The patented flexible design follows the curves of the body
  • Secure easily and comfortably with velcro straps
  • Pleasant, comfortable, convenient and easy to use
  • Medical grade silicon pad – designed to last for years
  • Hygienic and simple to clean
  • Stores neatly and safely in carrying pouch
  • Inbuilt micro controller with 60-minute automatic timer
  • Ultra low microTesla rated EMF
  • As a health practitioner treat multiple patients at once unsupervised (once their treatment has been set up of course!) for 5-60min: fast, safe and convenient
  • Comes with an industry leading 60-day personal satisfaction money back guarantee* and 18-month warranty**

Each kit includes:

  • One CelLED iLED device
  • 108 x 660nm and 90 x 840nm medical quality German made OSRAM LED chips
  • 9cm x 31cm flexible LED array area
  • Total belt size 42cm x 13cm
  • 9V DC Adaptor and car adaptor
  • Instruction manual, carry pouch, manufacturers warranty card & welcome kit
  • Membership to Lifespan Dynamics online Affiliate Program
  • Ongoing access to our customer satisfaction and education programmes

* 20% Refurbishment & administration fee applies on return, we do not cover any delivery/return costs.

** 18 Month warranty for home use only, 6 Month warranty for commercial/clinical use – does not cover moisture or compression damage, electrical, physical or any other intentional misuse.

***Final design specifications may vary slightly from images shown and are subject to change without notice.

To find out more about Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation) start your research here:

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CelLED iLED Practitioners Belt

$ 899.00