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Mini Handheld USB Rechargeable Laser Power Meter

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Mini Handheld USB Rechargeable Laser Power Meter 10W Power Rating, Wavelength Coverage 390nm-1024nm

A ‘must-have’ for any laser or Photobiomodulation practitioner to measure irradiance accurately – ensure your device is operating accurately and effectively for a fraction of the cost of similar measuring devices. Also great for testing laser safety glasses and goggles.

– Measurement Objects: hand-held laser, high-power laser pens, laser pointer, laser single tube and module
– Measuring Wavelength Range: 390nm-1024nm
– Range: 0-10.999W
– Probe Effective Range: 13mm Diameter
– Saturation Time: 5-60 seconds
– Measuring Accuracy: ±3%
– Resolution: 1mW
– Power Supply: Rechargeable. The device can be charged via an ordinary 5V 2.1A mobile phone Micro USB charging head. The LED light will turn on when it is charging.
– Standby Time: Over 6 Hours


– Please note that the LCD display may vary in colour between devices.
– The photosensitive probe is a critical and sensitive device, and the surface coating must not be touched, stained, or maliciously damaged. The laser cannot be focused on the probe during measurement to a single point, parallel light can be used for measurement. Any damage of the probe will not be covered by warranty.

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Mini Handheld USB Rechargeable Laser Power Meter

$ 499.00