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VitaKlenz (90 capsules)
19 Apr 2021

VitaKlenz (90 capsules)

Helps maintain healthy digestive function

Vitaklenz is unique. There is no other product on the market that:

  1. Helps rid the body of a variety of unhealthy organisms, such as worms
  2. Helps eliminate die-off toxins and assists in the treatment of indigestion
  3. Triggers a cleansing action without the need for dietary changes
  4. Can be taken over a prolonged basis to eradicate eggs, larvae and adult worms

Vitaklenz is a blend of natural ingredients traditionally used in Asia, Europe, America and India to control parasitic organisms such as worms.

Vitaklenz (TGA-listed complementary medicine in vegan capsules) has generated much interest amongst natural practitioners over the past decade. First appearing in 2003, it has since established a fine reputation as being effective on a broad spectrum of health conditions. 
While we understand that practitioners have their own effective formulas for such conditions, many have noted the convenience of the encapsulated Vitaklenz. Some of the herbs are hard to acquire and many (such as gentian or wormwood) are very bitter and difficult to get patients to take. Taste is important with a prolonged administration being required to fully break the organism lifecycle (commonly 2 months).

90 vegan capsules – one month’s treatment.