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Six Types of Healthy Tea

Six Types of Healthy Tea

“Morning is incomplete without this beverage called Tea.” Well, it is said that tea is not good for health. However today, we can see various types of healthy tea available in the market which are really good for health.

Here, we will take a look at some of such healthy teas that can really make your day by giving you a fresh start. So, let’s begin:

Six Different Types of Healthy Tea

Light Healthy Tea

  1. White Tea: Well, you might have heard this name for the first time. The name itself brings curiosity as to how it will be. Well, you will know everything about it here. The leaves of this are picked when they are very young. Hence, this has much wilder flavour as compared to other varieties. It has very less caffeine i.e. just 15mg per cup. This tea is a perfect multi-tasker. It has the potential to fight against cancer as well as several cardiovascular diseases. It is also beneficial for diabetic people. However, excess intake can reduce LDL cholesterol. This can create several complications. So, have it in average quantity.
  2. Herbal Tea: Herbal tea is yet another healthy tea; a perfect combination of dried fruits, flowers and herbs. Caffeine is absent here. Herbal weight loss teas are not recommended as these contain certain laxatives that are dangerous to your health. According to one research, it is revealed that having three cups of hibiscus tea daily can reduce blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. On the other hand, chamomile tea induces sleep and peppermint tea soothes your stomach.
  3. Green Tea: Among the famous health teas, green tea is the most popular one. It has more flavour as compared to black tea. We prepare green tea from dried leaves. These dried leaves are treated with heat as soon as they are picked. We do this to avoid the fermentation process. One cup of green tea includes only 25mg of caffeine. It is full of anti-oxidants known as catechins; that play an important role in curing everything from cancer to heart disease. Daily cup of green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10%.

Dark Healthy Tea

  1. Flavoured Tea: This healthy tea is a complete mixture of ingredients like cinnamon, orange peel and lavender along with black, green or white tea leaves. It has equal amount of antioxidants and also have same health benefits as those of unflavoured ones. Some flavoured teas that include super fruits like blueberries may have more antioxidants. However, after consuming this tea; you will be away from extra sugar intake.
  2. Black Tea: This is one of the commonly known teas and is consumed by nearly 75% of population around the globe. This tea is prepared from Camellia leaves which are rolled and fermented and then these are dried and crushed. It has slightly bitter flavour and includes maximum caffeine i.e. about 40mg per cup. This has high concentrations from antioxidant compounds which are known as theaflavins. These are linked to lower level of cholesterol. Drinking black tea regularly can reduce the risk of stroke by 21%.
  3. Oolong Tea: Similar to black tea, this is yet another health tea. Experts ferment this tea for a short time span to provide a richer taste. Oolong tea has 30mgs of caffeine per cup. This tea helps in weight loss. This tea activates an enzyme that dissolves triglycerides- dietary fat stored in fat cells. Studies have shown that consumption of oolong tea among women have helped them to burn more calories as those burned by water consumption.


So, now make your morning even healthier by having a cup of healthy tea. This will keep you fresh the entire day. Know more about the benefits of Health Tea; stay tuned to Body Bites.