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Choose Your Type of Tea to Boost Your Energy Today!

Choose Your Type of Tea to Boost Your Energy Today!

Tea is one of the most popular beverages and is considered to be the best energy drink worldwide, except Asia. Teas come in different types and some of the most consumed ones are black and green tea. Even scientists have proved that drinking tea has many healthful benefits as a healthy habit. Most tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant, or other plants, which is processed by the factories manufacturing it. Both these types are accepted widely but they still do have some differences between them.

The reason behind tea being so healthy is only because it is a powerful source of anti-oxidants. And anti-oxidants are very important since they neutralise the radicals found in the body. These radicals are created when the process of digestion goes on and contains mostly oxygen in them. This helps in preventing aging and any other disease in the long run.

Most Important Types of Energy Tea:

There are many types of energy tea like Black tea is another type of tea that undergoes an extensive oxidation process than the green and white ones. This tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant with a stronger flavour and more caffeine than other varieties. China and other countries call it by the name as “crimson tea” which describes its colour in detail. The term black tea refers to the colour of oxidised tea leaves, but in China it’s called Pu-erh tea. Not only does this tea help oxidise the organs, it also helps fast regeneration of the skin. This means it protects you from mimic wrinkle and premature aging.

You can also prepare some homemade recipes to increase your beauty on a daily basis. The reason behind this is the presence of minerals like zinc, potassium and magnesium in it. Other nutrients like Vitamin C, E and B2 are also found in this tea. You need not worry about your skin as the traces of tannins; polyphenols and essential oils helps in protecting you from the risks of cancer.

Why is Green Tea so Popular

Everyone’s heard of green tea since it gained popularity; we know that it has powerful anti-oxidants that improve health and fight deadly diseases. Because of this popularity, a lot of green tea products right from powdered tea to tea beverages has started coming out in the market. In line with such products, the western market along with the eastern one too has found this type of tea to be beneficial. It has been believed that the green tea is basically a westernised version that has originally started in the twenty first century. So when these western marketers saw this, they were thrilled to invent another healthy alternative drink instead of coffee. All they did was add some honey and sugar to enhance the green tea’s flavour and made it popular among the western market too.

Thus, if you are health conscious and don’t mind spending a little more on these type of teas then get it today. Who would really not want to lose that extra fat and burn up all the cholesterol along with boosting energy levels at the same time?