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Run to the Tea Shop and Get Your Weight Loss Tea Today

Run to the Tea Shop and Get Your Weight Loss Tea Today

Green Tea also known as a weight loss tea has always proved to aid weight loss. The research here has shown that it has all the possible natural ingredients that boost the metabolism in the long run and therefore helps the body to get all the possible energy from the food that we eat. Green tea is a key ingredient in these products and thus acts as an anti-oxidant known as EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate).But off course you do not need to buy any more cans of these drinks to get the benefit. Drinking only a few cups can help you benefit it in a natural way since we need to take only a concentrated dose of EGCG when needed. We all are aware here that too much of these oxidants can be harmful at times too.

Find Out How Weight Loss Tea Can Benefit The Body

There are many benefits of best weight loss tea to the our body and you can get it easily available with extra benefits only at online store at Body Bites.

The green tea aids weight loss through the polyphenols that help in storing excess energy from the food. Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds found in many fruits and vegetables like potatoes, garlic and more. Therefore, whenever you eat food, the body processes the food first into a form of energy that is then carried in the blood stream to the cells around the body.

The energy is then used in the type of activities you perform and if there is any extra energy stored as fat then this may lead to obesity at times. However, not to worry since the green tea’s polyphenols activate the enzymes present in the body and is responsible for dissolving all the excess energy that is found in the blood stream. The EGCG then combines with the caffeine found in the green tea to use the fat and make the blood stream active with the energy source found there. This process is called “thermogenesis” where you get extra energy and stamina to burn down the stored body fat.

Thus, in this way more body fat can be reduced. Let me now help you with the advantages that this type of tea offers:

  • Prevents all the normal cells in our body from turning cancerous.
  • Suppresses the tumours that are forming and growing continuously.
  • Helps in regulating any levels of cholesterols found in our body.
  • It also lowers the risk of stroke by making all the blood platelets less sticky.
  • Controls all the blood sugar levels and the blood pressure there.
  • Assists in losing down all the weight by breaking down the starch found there.
  • Wards off different viruses, fungi and food borne bacteria  there
  • If there are cavities and bad breath in the mouth then all such harmful elements can be fought too.
  • In addition, the good news is that the aging process of your body also slows down.

Good News About Weight Loss Tea

Recent studies have proved that this tea stocks your body with enough nutrients to minimize muscle damage. It also deals with prolonging your performance and being a powerful oxidant helps in maintaining dental health. Choosing this type of tea is really important since it has catechins which many teas do not offer it.

You can get this element only in the new freshly picked tea leaves. It’s therefore very important to choose a product that offers the natural taste of tea with the helping element catechins in it. So what are you waiting for? Just  the kettle on today!