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Hit & Myth Expo QLD

Hit & Myth Expo QLD

Hi all who went to the Hit & Myth Expo  and those who didn’t,

We attended the 2nd Hit & Myth Expo recently, what a wonderful event.

Its great to have so much support for our products by so many big names in the health industry.

If you haven’t already make sure your on their mail list. and therefore you can go to the next event they hold.

In the meantime if you didn’t know, our weight loss formula Hot Tea is now ready for delivery. Order now and you’ll get it within a few days.

Let me now help you with the advantages that this type of tea offers:

  • Prevents all the normal cells in our body from turning cancerous.
  • Suppresses the tumours that are forming and growing continuously.
  • Helps in regulating any levels of cholesterols found in our body.
  • It also lowers the risk of stroke by making all the blood platelets less sticky.
  • Controls all the blood sugar levels and the blood pressure there.
  • Assists in losing down all the weight by breaking down the starch found there.
  • Wards off different viruses, fungi and food borne bacteria  there
  • If there are cavities and bad breath in the mouth then all such harmful elements can be fought too.
  • In addition, the good news is that the aging process of your body also slows down.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy winter, keep an eye out for more give-aways and prizes in the near future.

BB Team