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NauTea – Passion Flower

NauTea – Passion Flower

NauTea comes in a variety of healthy, happy flavours including the delicate Passion Flower variety.

NauTea Fun Fact

Passion Flower may alleviate Anxiety, alleviate Headaches, Insomnia and Irritability. The amazing health benefits of this tea are why you should add this product to your shopping list each week. Order straight from our website for your convenience.

Passion Flower may induce a restful deep sleep free from awakenings and disturbances. Combined with a great meditation, passion flower brew is a great relaxation tool and therefore we recommend it to everyone!

To brew NauTea passion flower, simply boil the kettle with fresh water and let it cool slightly. Next you should pour it into a mug and let the teabag gentle brew until it is strong enough for your tastebuds. Remove the teabag and drink while it’s still warm.

If you want to try something new, we suggest cooling you Passion Flower brew into iced tea!

Order your Passion Flower Tea today and start your relaxing nights sleep now.
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