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Warm up yourself with Amazing Energy Products

Warm up yourself with Amazing Energy Products

Tea is the oldest beverage popular to mankind. We brew tea from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal tea, etc are other forms of tea, which are gaining importance for various medicinal purposes. Herbal teas are great energy products.

The tea may contain added ingredients for enhancing flavor and taste. Tea contains caffeine and sugar. These two ingredients add a burst of energy. The energy provided by sugar is for temporary duration and is always followed by a crash phase. The tea is a kind of energy product which provides instant energy derived from stimulants or sugar. It helps to keep the body energized during the long stressful days.

Types of Energy Products:

Black tea: Black tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant. This tea provides energy bossing caffeine, thus, making it a popular tea as an energy provider. Experts prepare the tea by fully fermenting harvested tea leaves. They then ferment the leaves for several hours before the drying or tea making process.

The black color is due to the long oxidation process carried out while fermentation of the leaves. The tea has high caffeine content. There are various varieties of Black tea like Assam, Keemun, etc. The flavor infused black teas are also available in the market. It provides 60-90 milligrams of caffeine from 8-ounce cup.

Green Tea: Green tea provides a jolt of caffeine content, thus, energizing the tired body. It helps to break down a fat deposit from the body and suppresses appetite. Experts leave the green tea leaves to brew in warm water. The tea contains high amounts of antioxidants which help to build the immune system and fight against early stage infections. Green tea is loaded with caffeine providing energy. It provides 30-75 milligram of caffeine. Green tea is an unfermented type of tea.

White Tea: It is an antioxidant powerhouse and also has antibacterial and anti-viral qualities. The white tea is an unfermented type of tea. It helps in weight loss as it acts as an appetite suppressant, therefore curbing the feeling of hunger and boosting metabolism. It provides 30-55 milligrams of the caffeine. The amount is lower as it is an unfermented type of tea.

Unique Energy Teas

Oolong Tea: It is a traditional Chinese tea. Tea producers use a unique technique which includes withering the plant under the sunrays. An oxidation process occurs and the degree of oxidation ranges from 8-85%. The fermented tea provides 50-75 milligrams of caffeine. Like black tea, it is also a fermented tea, but the duration of fermentation is shorter in oolong tea.

Sugar Tea: The sugar teas provide a temporary rush of energy. These teas contain high amounts of sugar. Some experts make teas from caffeinated leaves. The high sugar levels provide instant energy to the body and caffeine adds an added dose of energy. However, one must keep in mind that the sugary teas provide energy which is followed by a crash phase. These teas may be responsible for tooth decay and may lead to obesity.

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